Why Do People Leave Websites?

Website owners all have one thing in common:
"They want the website visitor to stay on their site for as long as possible."
The truth is that you simply eventually leave each web site you enter… (unless you're a Facebook addict that continues to be logged in 24/7)

But the right question would be, a way to get guests to remain on an internet site longer?

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Here square measure four (or 5) of the most ways that to stay an internet site traveler on your page longer:

1. 1st Impressions

The truth is we have a tendency to all build fast snap judgments regarding folks within two seconds of meeting them. This reality is not any totally different once it involves an internet site. Everything from the website loading speed, navigation, however, the content is displayed, designs, relative info and a lot of cans either convert the website traveler to stay on the page or to go away before long when viewing it.

2. Related/Recommended Articles

If used properly, this will be terribly effective. If you have ever been on SmashingMagazine.com or Sitepoint.com, you may notice there square measure virtually a dozen connected links directional to different articles throughout the article that makes it tough to go away the website as you simply wish to stay reading.

3. Be the simplest In Your business

This is a downy headline,however, what I mean by this can be to form one thing impressive. If it is a weblog post, check out the competition and improve on wherever they're weak in respondent what the traveler would love to understand. Add images, add videos, add longer content and build it the simplest resource therein business. wordpress blogs are also very Imp Thing Is WordPress Good For Website development ?

4. Add A Call-To-Action

A sad truth is that quite seventieth of web site guests ne'er come back to a similar web site once more. clearly this will be debated, however, that is an associate overall stat. to urge guests back on your website, have a transparent call-to-action (an action you would like the traveler to take) which is able to get them coming in the future. the simplest thanks to doing that would be a free eBook or a free course or a free transfer. Then you'll email them new articles or info to urge them back on your website.

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