Web design trends and best practice have always evolved quickly, and this is unlikely to change anytime soon. Clean, simple yet modern looking designs are now the must-haves in developing with such technologies in this competitive world. Let see what will be the top web design trends in the coming year 2018.

We Look At 2 Web Design & Development Trends Which Are Worth Paying Attention To On Your Next Website Project.

1] Virtual Reality (VR)
Virtual Reality (VR)
Virtual Reality (VR)

With this advent of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality the rising number of VR equipment on sale in the market, everyone jumps in the VR’s ship and adopted the technology in website developing and creating the company videos. So this shows how important to use virtual reality videos on your websites this 2018.
What exactly is Virtual Reality?
It could be the recreation of an artificial, computer-generated simulation or real-life situation wherein the user is traveling in real time experiencing the realistic feel through their senses (eyes and ears).
Everyone is familiar with Facebook Oculus that is the show stealer amongst the VR equipment that is available. The VR as you know is usually transmitted or experienced fully through devices that are adorned as a headset and can be used in either of the following ways:
1] You can use these for creating a real-life like situation and then, practicing in the scenario to equip yourself for facing what lies ahead in the future.
2] this can be used for beautifying the experience of imaginary but real situations, such as games or entertainment that include video games, 3D movies and even the games that you play on your computer.
Virtual Reality Modeling Language it's the language used to code your VR to relate everything between the real and virtual world making it realistic in all sense.
You can simply mount the device on your head and experience the closest view from the screen. The best part of using these devices is that you are tricking yourself into experiencing an out-of-the-world sensation all this while you are still in the virtual world. It is all the trick of specific lenses and the way the images are exhibited that you sense the realness at such an unimaginable level of proximity.
In 2017, we saw the rise of video on websites. It seemed like every website has a video intro, so we could see the faces behind the products and services we use every day. We also saw a rise in apps and services that make it easier to create videos. Websites in 2018 will take video to new, immersive places that once seemed like science fiction only a few short years ago. See the websites tricked out with 360 modeling, 360 videos, video mapping, and interactive videos. These videos might seem costly and time-intensive; there are actually quite a few apps already available to make creating virtual reality videos more accessible.
2] Creating Mobile Optimized Websites
Mobile Optimized Websites

Mobile Optimized Websites

Quick Tips to Have a Mobile Optimized Website
The way we perceive the virtual world I.e. the Internet, nowadays, has changed considerably. Such a change in the perception is credited to the advent of the ubiquitous, midget technologies for mobile app development in  London.
Optimize your website to be viewed on a variety of hand-held devices. Simply put, a website meant for desktop viewing can be hard on the eyes of a mobile visitor. A few tips that help develop a mobile website are mentioned below.
•Be concise
•Simplicity is the key
•Redirection is necessary
•Keep it short
•Place call-to-action buttons
Smartphone and Other mobile devices playing important role in business, In present scenario Smartphone’s and other mobile devices, are more popular than ever before so optimizing your website for mobile is a side option, like it might have been in years past.

mobile-friendly website is quickly becoming defunct within our fast-evolving digital landscape. Now these time more websites will emerge that are mobile-friendly website Design and developing user interfaces (UI) that everyone, including people with disabilities, can independently consume and interact with.


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