How can you boost the speed of a Node.Js application?

Boost the speed of a Node.Js application Development
Boost the speed of a Node.Js application
Many developers are getting interested by using javascript, and it’s turning into the most popular language in the world.Currently, you can see how many libraries and frameworks are built using javascript. It is a very simple language to learn, works well when combined with other languages ​​and can be used in a variety of applications.
Node.js became a trend in backend programming.

Node.js is known event-driven I/O server-side JavaScript environment and single-threaded event loop based on V8 Engine.Node.js can replace or augment Java or .NET for backend application development.Node.js is single‑threaded and uses nonblocking I/O.Node.js is well‑known for high performance and developer productivity.

Node.js, you need to cache static content, to proxy and load balance among multiple application servers, and to manage port contention between clients, Node.js, and helpers, such as servers running Socket.
Node.js is as of now one of the quickest options available due to several key features, for example, its asynchronous and event-driven nature. Node.Js applications change and users expect ever increasing performance and speed, it's turned out to be much more important than ever to maximize the speed of your applications.

Use these ways to improve Node.js application performance:
  • Implement a reverse proxy server
  • Cache static files
  • Load balance traffic across multiple servers
  • Proxy WebSocket connections
  • Implement SSL/TLS and HTTP/2
  • Make sure your query is Optimized
  • Check All Error Scripts with Logging

Clustering Your Node .js
Clustering Your Node .js
Clustering Your Node .js
Node.js developer running on a single thread on a single core of the processor.It does not utilize a multiple cores that might be accessible in a system. But now, with cluster on Node.js. It's has implementation the core cluster modules, that allowing applications to run on more than one core,Node.js clustering with PM2. Node.Js is Best Platform For The Web Development

You can also use these following ways boost the speed of a Node.Js application

  • Use Monitis Node.js application monitoring
  • Use gzip compression
  • Don’t use Node.js to render static assets
Conclusion :

I know there are as many ways to improve and speed up performance on Node.js, and with above ways, I think enough to make your Node.js run superbly.
This post helps you improve your Node.js applications services and, if you boost your Node.js application speed utilizing above ways.


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