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We have all heard people say “You can sell anything on eBay!” which leads to the impression that making money on eBay is easy as pie. Unfortunately, this is very far from the truth. To be successful on eBay and on the Worldwide Web in general--one has to be highly dedicated to their business and especially to their customers' needs and wants. The following tips are what you need in order to be successful online.

Improve Your eBay Store and eBay Listing's Presentation

A Custom eBay Store Design and Custom eBay Auction Listing Template will make you stand out from your competition! I can custom design your eBay store and eBay listing template for you!
International shipping varies from country to country--so I recommend that you ask the international buyer to contact to you first before placing their order, so you can give them a shipping quote. Lastly, always include mention all of the types of payments that you accept.

Build a Brand That People Can Trust 

Open an eBay Store. Typically eBay store owners sell up to 25% more items than those who sell only auctions or fixed price listings. Store inventory can be listed for a fraction of the price of auction listings- giving your eBay business an exceptional way of vastly expanding the number of items that you are selling.

Be sure to have a your eBay store custom designed with your own eBay store logo. A custom eBay store and website will make your store look very professional and credible which will make your customers feel more comfortable in buying from you. I can custom design your eBay store and website for you. I am a Certified eBay Store Designer and Search Engine Optimization Expert.

Up Sell Your Customers

Place links to other eBay items inside of your eBay auction listings to drive more traffic to your store where your customers can make additional purchases.

Email Marketing

Acquiring customers can be expensive. Marketing to your past customer is an extremely effective way of increasing your sales. Consider starting an eBay Store Newsletter to promote new items to your customers.

Marketing Your Business for FREE!!!

As an eBay seller it is important to make use of all the opportunities available to drive traffic to your products and to your eBay store or eBay shop. You can add links to your eBay store by adding links to ALL of your eBay store pages and listings to encourage your buyers to browse your eBay store more

Optimize Your eBay Store for Search Engines (SEO)

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eBay Store Designs

Within all of your eBay store pages--be sure to use exceptional KEYWORDS that you think people will type into Search Engines in order to find your eBay store and your products. You can also apply Special Keywords and Keyword Phrases under MANAGE MY STORE in your eBay store. Also, you can make a feed file available for Shopping Comparison Sites.

Promote your eBay Store and eBay Items for FREE!!!!

The most popular website to promote your eBay store, ebay store template and eBay items for FREE is Wheres

Always Use the Correct Category

When selling your items--be sure to use the correct category because buyers will use these features to find your items.

Choose Your Keywords Carefully

To find items, buyers search on the keywords that you type into the Title of your Items and in the Item Description. Avoid using words like "L@@K or fabulous” as these are rarely searched upon. Use brand names as your keywords.

Remove Barriers by Always Closing the Sale

In general, the more information about your items and the more delivery and payment options that you offer to your buyers--the more likely that they will make a purchase from you. Also, by always displaying your store policies in all of your store pages and listings--this will prevent your buyers from emailing you with questions that you can give them the answers ahead of time on your custom eBay store pages and eBay listings.

Use eBay Listing Software

Using listing and auction management software can speed up the process of listing items and managing auctions. eBay provides FREE ebay store online User tools such as Turbo Lister and Seller Manager.

Write New Rich Keyword Content

Always write new content whenever possible by blogging on eBay, writing guides and reviews on eBay, posting in eBay forums, eBay chat rooms, and blogging about your items on Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. I can also write content for you to save you a lot of time! The more unique and new content writer that you write--the better of a chance that Search Engines will pick up on your content that you have written.


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