4 Things Every Developer's are Fed-up to hear from Non - Developer Co-Workers (Memes)

In the workplace, non-developers see developers as folks ! who makes magic out of code.

Web Developers Pain !
Developer's are also somehow paid less than people with job titles like Chief Inspiration Ninja who sit in pointless meetings all day stealing credit for everyone else’s work.

1) "Things Shouldn't take more then a minute"

Non - Developer View
In non-Developer's view coding don't Take Time its a MAGIC like things. They always say it once a day to one of the developers, every day.


Developers View 
Every Developer now feels nothing for this words, they just get used to of it. 

2) Let's Have a Meeting

Non Developer View
As always when the deadline is near and lot of work are on hold from the developer's side the only Last thing they can do "MEETING"

Developer View 
Simple explanation from developing side - " Hence they don't Know any thing about Coding, the thing they can only do is "Meeting"

3) I know I’m not a developer, but I think you should use this framework my cousin mentioned…”

Non - Developer is always wanting the Design his family memebers ( wife, son, daughter, Daughter's friends, Uncle's, his uncle friends etc. LONG LIST) want , as I said first they always thinks developer is a magician.   

After Hearing This "Words" the only thing they Required is A gun and a Bullet to become a Killer. Want To Know ? Why ? Developers Always Use PHP Framework.

4) “I know you’ve been working on it for a year, but we’re canceling this project.” 

Non - Developer
No- Money , No project , No deal, Close the Project

Unknown of Money Problem Developer work on his project like he is in war and everday he come to the office to fight with his project, and at a point when just he goona win "THE PROJECT get CANCELLED"

Even though Steve Jobs's Once Said "tech companies literally couldn’t exist without their developer's teams" !

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